About us

Kaefer porcelain house has been serving its customers for over 80 years.

In the economically difficult year of 1924, the young married couple Josef and Maria Kaefer founded a glass and china shop. Their three young sons, aged 4 years, 2 years and a few months old, were not in the way. In fact, having such a young family spurred Josef Kaefer to expand his agriculture business, move it closer to his house, and open a shop at home. He was an officer and Cartographer, painting maps for the military. His artistic creative nature was coupled with a sound perspective on business. With her grasp of business and warmth, our grandmother Mary was a very good supporter. She gave them good wishes, saying that in the coming years, their store would run with great success.

1929 was followed by the world economic crisis
and then 1933 from the Nazi era with World War II. After 1939, all three of the Kaefer sons fought in the war. Before the war, Josef had created a code with his sons, so that they could communicate around the censors. In the 20s and 30s every citizen had a passport. Josef Kaefer was his urge to fiddle around and new pursue followed and had bought a camera and a darkroom built and furnished.

The founding couple, Josef and Maria Kaefer, started their business with a focus on the importance of good price-performance ratio, and maintained this focus during the war. Even in the ‘20s brands such as Villeroy & Boch and Hutschenreuther were stocked by Kaefers. The range of products extended to things for the table with dishes, glasses and cutlery. They stocked gift items, devotional goods and at Christmas time, a field of beautiful Christmas balls and cribs. The procurement of goods was not always easy. During the war, there was a farm next to the shop that was very beneficial. Some could a representative Maria Kaefer with eggs, flour and sausage further.

It was a great gift
that all three sons returned from the war alive. In 1949, the eldest son, Alfonso, married Helene Lauer from Rödelhausen. Both then took over the shop and agriculture. They had four children, three girls and a boy, which were born in the ‘50s. Early in the ‘60s, they were faced with the decision either to expand the agriculture, or build a modern and contemorary store. In the spring of 1964 they moved the shop to a neighboring house. The old office building was demolished and a new one was built in its place.

Soon thereafter, the americans from the nearby airfield discovered the Kaefer store. For Helene Kaefer this meant that the workers had to learn english. Thanks to their open-minded and humanitarian nature, this was not difficult. The family business meant that the children had to help around the store, as well as accompany the parents to the big fairs.

At the beginning of the ‘70s, they purchased a neighboring house, which significantly enlarged the store. In 1986 the shop area more than doubled and modernized. In 1999, the business celebrated its 75-year-old anniversary. The dream world has beautiful things for the home and the apartment to the personal touch.